Dear Oppa ♥

Dear Leeteuk If i say I want you, could you stand beside me and say ” Yeah I’m only yours, no other ” with your warm hug ?

Dear Heechul If i fill so could, could you hug me ?

Dear Hangeng If I say ” would you marry me ? ” will you say ” I do ” to me ?

Dear Yesung If i say i’ll died because you leave me, could you run to me and stop me with your warm hug ?? T____T hiiks

Dear Kangin, Could you hold my hand and tell me about everything you see, if i can see world with my eyes again ?

Dear Shindong When I’m sad, will you sit next to me and embraced me to hear my grief ?

Dear Sungmin If everyone is insulting and demeaning me, could you be the one who say Love to me ?

Dear Eunhyuk When I stopped in my life, will you take me to walk along with you and live together forever?

Dear Donghae When I make a mistake, will you give me the spirit to say “do not give up, I’m here for you”?

Dear Siwon I have a lot of mistakes, will you guide my steps towards the goodness with you ?

Dear Ryeowook if Despair comes, will you hold my hand to make me get up?

Dear Kibum Everyone is talking about me and made me mad, can you put your hands on my ears to take care of those cruel words?

Dear Kyuhyun When it no longer can I find the truth in this life, whether you can be the most correct thing to be with me?


~ by Julz on July 8, 2012.

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