B.A.P – First Sensibility Album [Thanks to]

B.A.P – First Sensibility Album

[Thanks to]


BABYs, who are another family to B.A.P, thank you for always sending a lot of love and support by our side. BABYs are the reason for our music. Because you guys are here, I was able to experience and have a mold of sensibility. Those emotions allowed us to make music, to make this album. That’s how FIRST SENSIBILITY was completed. Nervous feelings and happiness, touched feelings and sadness, and being hurt, along with the large love that I realized in the end, they’re all placed in here. I hope we continue to have a relationship where we learn and feel a lot of things from each other. Always stay by B.A.P’s side and be our sensibility. Thank you and I love you.  CR: naver. Via: Itsbap @ tumblr trans. yasuis @ tumblr


Although 2 years, which can be seen as a short or long time, have passed since we’ve used the name of ‘us’ and not you and I, the things I’ve earned during that time have been a blessing and happiness. I feel lucky that there are Babys for me, whom I’ve never felt anything besides ‘love’ at any given moment. Joy, anger, sorrow, happiness, thank you for being with me for every moment. Lastly, to the person who is reading this, don’t forget that you’re more important and special than anyone else. Also, you definitely have the right to receive love, and the way you love is beautiful. I love you today as well. Also, you are 1004 (angel).
Via: bysfansite


Thanks to BABY~! We finally released our first official album. ^^ A time of 2 years has already passed since we’ve debuted. During that time, there were so many events, and I feel like we’ve received so much love. Our first official album that many people have been waiting and anticipating for! I really gained strength from the anticipation of many people, and worked hard to prepare for it. And more than anything, I think we were able to prepare for it really happily due to all you BABYs who have always been supporting, loving, and waiting for us. In order to not let down your expectations and satisfy them, we will do our best and show a lot of good sides and cooler sides!!!! I’m really thankful and happy for everyone who has always stayed by our side for this time that can be viewed as long and short, and I feel like each and every day felt full. In the future, we will work hard in order to think about you all once more, look back on, think about you before we sleep, and understand the importance of all of you, and work hard in order to show only good things. Our cherished BABYs~! This is album is all of yours and the six members of B.A.P. Thank you!!!!! I love you!!!! Via: bysfansite



Our lovely kkomanims (T/N: endearing way of saying small, petite kids), B.A.P’s first official album has finally been released ^^! This album is an album made for you guys. So I hope that you can become happy after listening to this album. Thank you so much for always thinking of us, loving us, and being proud of us. Because there are Babys like you guys, I feel like I’m able to work harder in order to take that responsibility and become a better artist. In 2014, don’t get hurt, and continue to be our kind pretty Babys! To the angel-like you guys. CR: naver. Via: Itsbap @ tumblr trans. yasuis @ tumblr


2014, B.A.P’s first official album, I feel like 2014 is becoming a year that’s a bit more special to us. The first album we released after I became an adult is B.A.P’s first official album. I believe that becoming an adult isn’t when time passes and you become 20 years old, but once you’re prepared to go through the many unknown events in the future then you become a true adult at that moment. If I was to express the love between us during these past 2 years as me receiving love from Babys, then I will now become a cool Jongup adult who is able to have a shared love with Babys. Anyways, thank you. Always. Via: bysfansite


Hello. This is B.A.P’s youngest, Zelo. It seems like just yesterday that I was singing ‘Never Give Up’ with a baby perm, but already!!! a length of 2 years as passed. As I’ve been doing promotions as a singer, there are many things I realized thanks to you all. I realized that rather than saying ‘I’ll work hard’, I need to actually put in an effort and show the results. I usually write each and every emotion I feel at any given situation down on a memo, and I found a side of myself that was sometimes approaching everyone as Choi Junhong, and not B.A.P’s Zelo. Although I saw myself becoming surprised at that side of myself, I just wanted to show my true self at that time, and I believe that you guys will be able to understand. Since I’m still young, the smallest of emotions are sometimes revealed in my expressions, you guys just smile and play it off as me acting like a baby like a mom would, and tell me that I’m cute, but I’m always apologetic. The Zelo that I see from my view, and the side that you guys see me from are definitely! probably very different, but I will show a side of myself that works hard and enjoys myself on stage at least as to not disappoint that anticipation. I always want to approach at least you guys in a genuine manner, and not in a formal way. Why do I feel so sad about it, the fact that I have nothing I want to say towards everyone besides thank you and I love you… Writing a thanks to has been a small wish of mine that I dreamed of since long ago, but after becoming a singer, the feeling is different. Right now, my new wish is to hurry and meet everyone. Why do I have so many wishes?? Anyways, let’s hurry and meet soon. Although we lack a lot, we prepared really hard for this. I’m curious about what kind of reaction we’ll get from this album, and I’ll probably need to go do a music broadcast with just that much preparation to have my heart feel nervous? Who is it that I feel my heart be nervous for you ask??? ^^  Via: bysfansite

!! Take out all Credit !!


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